Practice Areas

Business Strategy Session

We offer 1-hour business strategy sessions to help you determine the next best steps to legally protect your business. In this session, you will sit down with one of our attorneys and discuss your current business structure and potential needs. You will leave the meeting with a "blueprint" of next steps and how we will work together to protect your business moving forward. Click the consultation tab to schedule your session.

Worker Owned Cooperatives

We pride ourself in presenting innovative and creative ways for our clients to achieve their business goals. Cooperative ownership encompasses the idea of community as well as wealth sharing-- perfect for existing businesses looking to transfer ownership to employees or  entrepreneurs simply wanting to leave a more communal legacy. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

Business Formation & Governance

We offer drafting and filing services related to business formation and compliance. We'll also work with you to establish formation documents such as bylaws, operating agreements, and employee or contractor contracts. For existing businesses, we offer continued support through counseling and strategy sessions.  We are here to help you gather a blueprint on how to keep your business and its assets legally protected.

Fashion & Retail

We offer services that help fashion and retail brands succeed in a seemingly saturated market and stand out by supporting them with legal support to help them achieve success. We'll help you with licensing, intellectual property, and strategic counseling on how to fully protect your brand. We work to keep business owners abreast in the rapidly changing laws surrounding the e-commerce and retail industries.

Intellectual Property

We offer copyright and trademark services in all 50 states. Whether it's filing a new trademark or copyright application, monitoring an existing application, or responding to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, we'll work to make sure your IP is protected. We'll also work with you to come up with an IP strategy for longterm protection, including sending cease and desist letters, as necessary.

Contract Drafting, Review, & Negotiation

As business owners, contracts are an everyday part of the work that ensure the business runs smoothly. After you've had a business strategy session to determine which contracts you need for your business, we will draft new agreements or review and revise existing agreements. We'll also negotiate with the other party to create an agreement that is best for your business.

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